Within the depths of loss, we can still find moments of joy in life. For me, I found joy the game of Golf. It was so peaceful out in Mother Nature with deer, birds, and even alligators. Even better, I could Smack the crap out of that little white golf ball releasing immeasurable amounts of tension and anger.

Amidst the fragmented pieces of our lives, we must allow ourselves to have moments of joy. Getting out of yourself, even for a short amount of time, holds the key to unlocking resilience waiting inside. Finding a hobby allows you to reclaim a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Let a hobby be your refuge from the storms of loss.

Together, we can forge a path of resilience. We need to rediscover the beauty of life, and with each brushstroke, melody, or swing of the golf club, we honor the memory of our lost ones and losses.

If I can help or support you during your grief by helping you find or discover a hobby, please connect with me at http://TalktoKD.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.