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My name is Dr. KD Wagner. As a mother who lost two sons in separate homicides at 18 and 24, I help women who have experienced a tragic loss, who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, and who cannot find a reason to stay alive. I give them hope and ways to move forward, find their new purpose, and honor their loss so they, too, can learn to live life again.

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KD Wagnor A Gold Star Mom
KD Wagnor A Gold Star Mom

ABOUT Dr. KD Wagner

Jeffrey, my youngest, was a beacon of youthful promise, his life brutally cut short, leaving behind a silence where laughter once resided. Bud, serving with honor in the U.S. Navy, was taken in a senseless act of violence, compounding my grief with a fresh wave of disbelief. Their departures left gaping voids, yet also birthed a relentless mission within me.

This journey is not just mine but also yours. It’s about turning the echoes of what was into the melody of what can be. At Gold Star Matrix, Inc., and through the Gold S.T.A.R. program, we don’t just speak of grief; we walk through it, hand in hand, transforming our collective sorrow into pillars of strength and understanding. Here, you will find a community that sees your pain, acknowledges your loss, and supports your journey back to a life filled with meaning and joy.

Your path through grief is uniquely yours, but you don’t have to walk it alone. Let us join you on this journey, sharing the lessons learned, the resilience gained, and the hope that emerges from the darkest nights. Together, we will find our way back to the light.”

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About Dr. KD Wagner

A Mother’s Tale of Love, Loss, and the Lifelong Journey to Healing

Dr. KD Wagner is a multiple bestselling author, Eippy Award winner, international speaker, and former law enforcement officer. JEFFREY is the first book in THE NEXT DAY CAME trilogy. In this trio of stories, Wagner shares her journey through loss, grief, depression, addiction, planned suicide, and survival after the unimaginable violent loss of her sons in separate homicides. She has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and stages with Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, Governor/Senator Rick Scott, country singer Rockie Lynne, and Bob Circosta CEO and Founder of the Home Shopping Network. A Gold Star Mother—whose son died while serving in the U.S. Navy—KD serves as the President of the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter within the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

Dr. K.D. Wagner - Best Selling Author
Dr. K.D. Wagner - Best Selling Author

JEFFREY: The Injustice of Murder

Jeffrey: The Injustice of Murder is a tribute to the human spirit and the love between a mother and son, a love that survives the cruelest of lightning strikes, the strike of death.

This heart-wrenching story will lead people to:

  • Feel the Injustice of the United States Law Enforcement and Legal System.
  • Gain an understanding of “What to Say” and “What Not to Say” after Loss.
  • Recognize the SHOCK REACTIONS of a sudden violent tragedy.
  • Discover the long-term consequences of loss.
  • Believe in the power of LOVE to heal in this life and beyond.


Jeffery - The Injustice of Murder
Jeffery - The Injustice of Murder
Jeffery - The Injustice of Murder
Jeffery - The Injustice of Murder

BUD: Homicide Turns a Blue Star Gold

People say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but they are oh so wrong. On March 26, 2001, single mom KD Wagner and her son Bud found themselves in the throes of grief over the murder of Jeffrey. After this first lightning bolt of tragedy, struggling to reassemble their shattered lives, incredibly, September 11, 2001, strikes and their world changed again

KATHY: How I Survived Tragic Loss.

KATHY: How I Survived Tragic Loss is a harrowing and poignant story of survival through immense loss, grief, and injustice. As a Gold Star Mother, Dr. Wagner beckons readers to process their grief and trauma through her story and find hope for a better tomorrow. From the beginning, Dr. Wagner opens up about key events that shaped and reshaped her life, only for her to find true hope and purpose after being at her lowest point. From the passing of her mother to the infidelity of her husband, the loss of her two children, and her struggle to survive, Dr. Wagner’s story pulls at the reader’s heartstrings as it demonstrates the power of love above all. From depression, drug abuse, and planned suicide to becoming a speaker helping people heal and recover, Dr. Wagner’s story is a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit. With the first two books in The Next Day Came trilogy dedicated to her late sons Jeffrey and Bud, this final installment is a moving account of Dr. Wagner’s journey to limitless resilience.

Kathy: How I Survived Tragic Loss
Kathy: How I Survived Tragic Loss

What K. D.’s Clients Are Saying

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, or a loss of any kind, and are drowning in grief, or know someone who is and want to help them, or yourself, then K. D., along with this series of books THE NEXT DAY CAME Trilogy are meant for you. This story can save your life.

K. D., you have such a powerful story, such a unique story, such a story that can help so many people, you have got toget this out, you have got to do this.

The impact these heart wrenching stories will make in the world is unlike anything ever seen before. Get ready for the roller coaster ride of a lifetime as these stories will make you laugh, cry, and every emotion in between. Just speaking with K.D. and hearing her words, will bring peace to the loss.