Within the wreckage of my life, after I figured out that I was not going to just die, I realized that I had eaten my way through loss and gained 100 pounds. Diagnosed with diabetes, and a dozen other stress related diseases, I discovered the transformative power of nourishment. I implore you to nurture your body and soul, as you will discover the resilience that lies within self-care.

Feed yourself through a balanced diet, nourishing your physical body. This will ignite the flicker of hope within your heart. Taste and enjoy the abundance of nature’s foods, savor each bite that heals your body along with your worn-out soul.

As we navigate the maze of loss, remember that our bodies are the vehicles that carry us forward and help us heal. Embrace a healthy lifestyle, honor your journey of healing with each step. This will unlock the power of resilience.

If I can help or support you, perhaps by sharing some of the ways that I made progress by moving towards a healthier lifestyle, please connect with me at http://TalktoKd.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.