After the loss of my two sons, I began to realize that my grief did not only reside in my heart and mind, but it physically started manifesting in my body. Within months after the murder of my son Jeffrey, stress related diseases started appearing. First, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, then I started to have severe migraines daily. I had never had a migraine in my entire life.

I gained 100 pounds, which brought on thyroid issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney stones, and more. At one point I was on 15 different prescriptions. All of these health problems were physical signs of the stress of my psychological pain. Stress manifests not just mentally, but physically too, including heart disease, depression, and digestive problems.

My path to resilience thus involved not just emotional but also physical healing. I made changes in my lifestyle including regular physical activity, a balanced diet, and found a defense mechanism against stress. Seeking professional help, I realized, was not a sign of weakness, but of strength – a step towards better health and resilience.

It took small steps; I started eating a more balanced diet and started walking and playing golf regularly. I learned how mindful practices helped regulate my stress hormones, which improved my health, slowly, but surely. I reclaimed my physical wellness, which strengthened my overall resilience. Finding your resilience is just as much about physical wellbeing as it is about emotional healing.

With Warm Regards,

Dr. KD Wagner