In this heart-wrenching post, I share my deeply personal story of survival and hope. As a mother who went to hell not once, but twice, who endured the devastating loss of not just one, but two sons to separate acts of violence, I intimately understand the pain and despair that can consume a shattered soul. Through the darkest of nights, I found a flicker of resilience within me, a spark of strength, that I refused to be extinguish.

Every word written here carries the weight of my loss, but also the immense power of resilience. I want you to feel the magnitude of my loss and empathize with the unimaginable void this left in my heart. I want you to know that if I, a shattered mother, can find the strength to stay alive and honor my sons, then you too can unearth that resilient spirit within you.

Together, we will explore the path of resilience, the journey from hell to healing. Through my words, I hope to ignite a fire in your soul, inspire you to rise above the ashes, and see how to find a new reason to live when your very reason for living is gone.

If I can help or support you during your grief; if your desire is to find a way forward, back to a life with more peace and joy, please connect with me at this link:

I look forward to hearing from you.